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Thursday, 29-Jan-2009 01:04 Email | Share | | Bookmark
moved but under construction

slowly move to new home (inspired by someone!)...
will reveal it later....

updated ***

moved to http://yulie-hisham.blogspot.com

happy viewing!

Friday, 9-Jan-2009 02:57 Email | Share | | Bookmark
berabuk & bersawang

cheers eveyone!
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first entry for 2009.

- colourful + challenging year
- switch to new job. not a dream job but alhamdulillah still get paid everymonth (di saat2
ekonomi yg tak menentu ni kene bersyukur byk2..)
- easily get tired (drive to kl at least once a week.. first two month is the worst! attend
'crazy' meeting until 2am-3am. then fully 'collapse' the next day)

-looking for better chances so that I can concentrate to my family..
-hopefully everything will be much more better than last year

Friday, 22-Aug-2008 02:43 Email | Share | | Bookmark
wedding auntie zaza (seremban), uncle shukor (jb)

makcik vogue no #1 - auntie rock
ff tgh usha makcik vogue #2 - auntie reenee
eh ni ff ke auntie fiza yg possing lelebey ni?? hehe
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sorry for late update. almaklumla bulan ni bulan tunggang terbalik mama saya (she's playing hourglass most of the time!.. hopefully everything goes well.. kambatane mama!!)..

ok, back to the pictures.. we're attended auntie zaza wedding in seremban (nikah 8/8/ and meet my mama old friends... i love them all.. makcik2 vogue.. huhu

then the next weekend.. pi umah uncle shukor lak.. as a rewards sy pandai jalan.. papa bg present kasut yg chomellss n comfy yg dibeli kat aeon tebrau city... thanks papa.. mama? mama kata tunggu dia dpt keje *ehem2x* then she will surprise me with something nice... pls pray for her!

belated b'day present

i love this piccc....

my darlingssss

version 'wanita melayu terakhir'

p/s all piccass taken using nokia 61110 navigator. so pls ignore image quality..

Thursday, 7-Aug-2008 08:56 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Syafeeqa & Hats

berangan la tu
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since she 3 months old , we tend to make sure that ff will wear a hat whenever we go out. petua org kata ...ahaks


tgh syok main sudu

Thursday, 24-Jul-2008 13:54 Email | Share | | Bookmark
i need new hair cut!

ff giat berlatih sempena olimpik beijing acara jalan kaki
toleh make sure mama tak lari
rnr seremban odw pi umah boipren aka hafiy
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ala2 vokalis kumpulan hujan plak ff skang.. pic masa pi visit hafiy kat kl (plus mama wat jasa migrate server)

no.. no.. i'm not singer. am just mickey mouse backup dancer.. hihi

hair owh hair.. pls grow fastt....

i need new hair cut.. probably just like her.. yummy!

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